Grab your sunhat and let's head out to the fields! Our Farm Friends Mini Tini includes a farmer, chicken & eggs, veggies, fence and sheep. All within a puzzle and contained in a handy carry tin!

Small enough to fit in your pocket or bag, each product in the Mini Tini range features a playscape with wooden figures, themed accessories, and a colourful environment card. 

Step away from screen time and spark your child’s imagination with our beautifully designed, Australian made toys. 

Mini Tini is the ideal option for busy parents with creative kids. Perfect for waiting rooms, car journeys and cafes. 

For younger children, use it as a jigsaw-style puzzle to develop fine motor skills. For older kids, let their creativity run wild as they lead the play figures through an unlimited range of scenarios. 

Product Description


  • Suitable for children from 3+ due to small parts. 
  • Each tin has space for your child to add their own treasures and personalise their story. With room for found objects that can be incorporated into the playset - rocks, shells, feathers, leaves – there’s no limit on your child’s Mini Tini adventures. 
  • Tin measures approximately 6.5cm x 9.5cm x 2cm Please note while these play sets are made for children, the wood can chip if played with roughly, dropped or forced
Price: $22.50
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