An adjustable hanging frame for greeting cards, post cards, photographs and prints.

Create ever evolving wall decor by framing artwork quickly and switching your display easily.  It adjust to display different sized greeting cards, post cards, photos and prints. Just slide the top timber piece up and down the cord.

Designed and crafted in Queensland, Australia. Made from sustainable timber and 100% cotton cord.

Product Description

The Card Frame is designed to display a variety of cards and prints. It’s easy to adjust the size and change your artwork, just slide the top timber piece up and down the cotton cord.

The frame is suited to display the common card size of A6 (15cm x 10cm) in portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal). It can also display cards that are a bit larger or a bit smaller. 

It’s a very versatile frame and we hope you keep inspired by changing the artwork often.

Most postcards and folded greeting cards are perfect. (TIP - if you want to frame artwork/photos on thinner paper check out our Pressi Frame.)

Frame approximate overall dimensions: 25cm high x 15cm wide x 1cm deep. It collapses for easy gifting and moving.

Simple usage instructions with pictures are printed inside the packaging.

Price: $35.00
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